• Kalburagi district is a predominate agrarian district rainfed agriculture is the major occupation of majority population except for few cement industries, the district trailing in industrialization. Hence people are forced to bank upon agriculture for their livelihood.
  • Agriculture land & the top soil are significantly limited input endowed by nature. Agriculture department intends to provide soil health cards to all the land holders testing soil samples under Soil health mission by end of the 2018-19. This is being attended with the assistance of Karnataka state remote sensing agency, who would deploy soil collector application based on GPS & GIS & by forming grids on digitized cadastral maps. Soil Sampling is done and analyzed & soil health cards are issued to farmers.
  • Krishi Abhiyana : To bring awareness of schemes to be implemented by Agriculture & Allied departments by touring Integrated information unit (which covers transfer of technology)by mobile van in all villages & hoblis, Scientist to farmer interaction, conducting exhibitions, covering in all the 32 hoblis of the district.
  • Quality seeds either certified or truthful labeled are distributed on subsidy in all the seasons to ensure good yields.
  • Water is a scarce inputs & it is intended to store every raindrop in sites in the profile. And collect inevitable runoff in water haroosting structures & recycle the same to crops under distress condition by adopting conservation irrigation methods i.e by using sprinkler/ drip irrigation units. These units are supplied to farmers on subsidy.
  • Organic Farming : organic farming is an inherent components of integrated farming where in all the natural available farm waste are converted to organic manure and utilized as manure for improvising soil health & for production of healthy food grains for the same reason agriculture department has introduced organic farming scheme.
  • Agriculture mechanization : The department of agriculture has take-up machine mode scheme of agriculture. Mechanization to combat agri labour shortage & dependency and for speedy agriculture operation. Ultimately to reduce cost of cultivation. The department is supplying Agricultural Machinenaries on subsidy for tilling, Sowing, interculture, harvesting & post harvest machineries.
  • Watershed development :- Dryland agriculture land improvement, through execution of soil & water conservation schemes, harvesting of inevitable runoff waters & recycling recharging of ground waters are taken up under PMKSY watershed development programme.
  • Raitha mitra yojana is a novel approach brought in by Agriculture department to strenghthen the existing extrusion service system from 2000-01. The Raith Samparka Kendra (RSK) established at Hobli level in each taluka is a miniature agriculture extension unit for dissemination nearest technologies for supply of critical inputs & such 32 RSKs are functioning in this district.
  • Farmers suicide cases are heard by committee headed by subdivisional magistrate i.e Assistant commissioners. The eligible cases are paid Rs. 5.00 lakh compensation on the recommendation of above committee. So also snakebite death occurring while during farm activities and also given compensations.
  • The agriculture department is also inducting diversified programmes for the welfare of farmers.

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