Covid 19 – Orders and Circulars

Orders and Circulars Issued Date Download File
Press Note – Regarding Prohibition on sale of all type of liquor from 23-05-2020 midnight to 24-05-2020 midnight and from 30-05-2020 midnight to 31-05-2020 midnight 22-05-2020 Download (PDF 199 KB)
Press Note – National Sero Surveillance for COVID-19 Survey from ICMR 17-05-2020 Download (PDF 256 KB)
Extension of Section 144 until 31-05-2020 16-05-2020 Download (PDF 566 KB)
Press Release – In the interest of Public, withdrawal of relaxations ordered during the lock down period 07-05-2020 Download (PDF 199KB)
Press Release – In the interest of Public, relaxations during the lock down 06-05-2020 Download (PDF 658 KB)
Extension of Section 144 until 17-05-2020 06-05-2020 Download (PDF 537 KB)
Press Release – In the interest of Public, relaxations during the lockdown 04-05-2020 Download (PDF 1084 KB)
Order regarding Hotels/Lodges acquired to be used as Quarantine Centres 30-04-2020 Download (PDF 1049 KB)
Extension of Section 144 until 07-05-2020 29-04-2020 Download (PDF 554 KB)
Public Notice 22-04-2020 Download (PDF 102 KB)
Regarding Restrictions during Ramazan 16-04-2020 Download (PDF 678 KB)
Extension of Section 144 until 30-04-2020 13-04-2020 Download (PDF 579 KB)
Press Note – Regarding Purchase of Wheat and Rice from FCI in OMSS(D) Prices 09-04-2020 Download (PDF 118 KB)
Press Note 08-04-2020 Download (PDF 81.1 KB)
Press Note on Fever Clinics 05-04-2020 Download (PDF 151 KB)
Public Notice 02-04-2020 Download (PDF 105 KB)
Extension of Section 144 30-03-2020 Download (PDF 593 KB)
Press Note on Donation of Food Grains by donors regarding 28-03-2020 Download (PDF 113 KB)
Order on Closure of Petrol Bunk regarding 27-03-2020 Download (PDF 215 KB)
Extension of Section 144 24-03-2020 Download (PDF 53.4 KB)
Press Note on Issue of Ration in Fair Price Shops 23-03-2020 Download (PDF 57.3 KB)
Press Note on Sale of Masks and Sanitizers 23-03-2020 Download (PDF 47.9 KB)
Revised Order regarding prohibition on sale of liquor 23-03-2020 Download (PDF 69.7 KB)
Order regarding extension of Section 144 22-03-2020 Download (PDF 200 KB)
Press Note regarding awareness of Corona Virus 21-03-2020 Download (PDF 144 KB)
To stop all public services in Government Offices Regarding 19-03-2020 Download (PDF 140 KB)
Section 144 Order 19-03-2020 Download (PDF 184 KB)
To Public attention to support in controlling of Corono Virus 18-03-2020 Download (PDF 228 KB)
Order regarding avoiding crowds at Temples, Masjids, Church , Gurudwara and other prayer place 17-03-2020 Download (PDF 400 KB)
Order on Prohibition of Sante, Jatra and Urs, 15-03-2020 Download (PDF 338 KB)
Order to close Bar and Restaurants and prohibition on sale of liquor 15-03-2020 Download (PDF 350 KB)
Measures to be taken to control spreading of Corona Virus 15-03-2020 Download (PDF 143 KB)
Order to Close School/Colleges/Multiplex/Theaters/Shopping Malls etc 13-03-2020 Download (PDF 358 KB)
Formation of Committees to control Corona Virus 09-03-2020 Download (PDF 669 KB)